You are my Sunshine



You are the sunshine of my life! The best theme for celebrating your beloved child’s birthday
or 100 Days. It also personified the sun as a great, cosmic eye in the sky. In some religions, such as
Christianity, the sun represents life, energy, force, and rebirth. But no matter what’s your religion,
we deeply believe that the Sun brings magical power to the earth!

The size of 6”+4” and 8”+6” are in diameter, our cakes are mainly butter cake which is more heavier,
moist and velvety in texture when comparing to pound cakes and sponge cakes that are available at
most local bakeries.

*For the Gold Badge on top, is not included, please add the gold badge(custom made) $150
to your chart if you needed it.

So you may know every cake we make is all handmade and the product picture is for reference only.
Please also note that as the colour is hand mixed, it is very likely that the colour and look of the cake
vary slightly from the reference picture.

Best serving within 2-3 days, placing in room temperature would be suggested if you are having at the
pick up day. You may keep in fridge but place back in room temperature before serving it half hour,
it always taste better as it’s butter cake.

*Order is subject to availability and on first come first serve basis.

Please order at least 1-2 weeks in advance.


6"+4" Cream Cake, can served 18-22 px, 8"+6" Cream Cake, can served 28-32 px

Cake flavour

*Earl Grey Cake filled with Vanilla Butter Cream, *Honey Lemon Cake filled with Vanilla Butter Cream, Chocolate Cake filled with Chocolate Butter Cream, Cookies & Cream Cake filled with Vanilla Butter Cream, Vanilla Cake filled with Strawberry Butter Cream

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